• Advanced H.264 Stand Alone DVR
  • Audio Input/ Output: 8 Channels: 8 Inputs/ 1 Outputs 16 Channels: 16 Inputs/ 1 Outputs
  • Central Management Software: VMS (NxMS)
  • DVD-RW Built-in
  • Digital Zoom: Live and Playback
  • Help Menu on Major Functions
  • Import/ Export Configurations Between Multiple DVRs
  • Looping Output: 8 Channels: 8 Looping Output Built-in 16 Channels: 16 Looping Output Built-in
  • Mobile Application: iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets, Kindle Fire Tablet
  • Multiple Recording Schedules
  • Multiplex: Live, Playback, Recording, Backup, Network Configuration
  • NAS- Network Attached Storage
  • NTP- Network Time Protocol
  • Network Bandwidth Control
  • RAID- Redundant Array of Independent Disks: 1, 5
  • Remote Software Platforms: Windows
  • S.M.A.R.T Health Check with E-mail Notifications
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System Control Keyboard
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Title Type
VMAXD1 Manual
pdf Download
VMAXD1 Quick Start Guide
pdf Download


Title Type Release Notes Version Update Date Compatibility Size
VMAXD1 Firmware 2.08 zip - 2.08 01/31/2013 VMAX D1 Firmware 18.44 MB Download
NxMS v4.08.0202 Software for Windows zip - 4.08.0202 07/27/2012 NxMS/ VMS Software 23.39 MB Download

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