Pivot CMS

Pivot Central Monitoring Software 
  • Intuitive Easy-to-Use Central Monitory Software Interface
  • Control any of Digital Watchdog’s Complete Analog Solutions in the Same Window
  • Watch Live and Playback Video on the Same Screen
  • Multi-Site Monitoring
  • Multiple Site Connections up to 128 Simultaneous Sites
  • Live View up to 128 Channels
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Panoramic Search
  • Thumbnail Search
  • Event Search
  • Date & Time Search with Advanced Timeline
  • Bookmark Search and Management
  • Remote DVR Configuration
  • Remote Backup (on supported models)
  • System & Events Log Viewer
  • Supported DW DVR models: VMAX™, VMAX 480™, VMAX Flex™, VMAX 960H™, VMAX 960H Flex™, VMAX 960H Core™, VMAX A1™, VMAX IP™, VMAX AHD core™


Compatible Recorders VMAX IP Plus NVRs (DW-VP)

System Requirements

  • OS Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
  • CPU Intel® Core2Quad Q9400 or higher
  • Memory 4GB or higher
  • Graphic Card AMD® 5000 Series or higher, Ge-Force® GTS240 or higher


Title Type
PIVOT CMS sellsheet
pdf Download
PIVOT Software for Windows Manual
pdf Download


Title Type Release Notes Version Update Date Compatibility Size
PIVOT CMS v1.1.1.1 exe - v1.1.1.1 02/20/2018 0.00 MB Download

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