MEGApix Flex 16MP multi-sensor vandal dome IP camera with fixed lens options 

  • 16MP 1/3" image sensors at real-time 30fps
  • 360° and 180° flexible panoramic view IP camera
  • Available as a complete system with 4x 2.8mm or 4x 4.0mm lens modules or camera and other lens options sold separately.
  • Four cameras in one installation
  • Flexible sensor positioning with magnets
  • True wide dynamic range (WDR)
  • PoE injector included
  • Dual codecs (H.264, MJPEG) with simultaneous dual-stream
  • Two-way audio
  • Smart DNR™ 3D digital noise reduction
  • True day/night with mechanical IR cut filter
  • Auto gain control (AGC)
  • Auto white balance (AWB)
  • Motion detection
  • 4x Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC class 10 card (card not included) 
  • Alarm sensor input
  • Relay output
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Megapixel resolution in multi-sensor IP cameras

DW’s technology delivers crystal clear images in any resolution. Higher resolution offers forensic details with zooming into the camera’s field of view.

Flex camera typical installations

Flex cameras can be personalized to match any application and any field of view (FoV) from a 180° panoramic view installation to a full 360° hemispheric FoV, all with a single camera and max flexibility.

Flexible sensor positioning with magnets

Users can easily place each of the four sensors independently in any configuration around the camera's magnetic base. Use one installation to monitor a hallway or to produce a 270° view at building corners and large rooms.

Easy 3-axis gimbal tilt and rotation

Each sensor has a 3-axis gimbal to fine-tune the Field of View (FoV) configuration, with endless 360° rotation and up to 60° tilting per sensor.

Part Numbers

The camera is available in two ways: 
  1. Complete solution: DWC-VPX16W2, DWC-VPX16W4, DWC-VPX16W6 and DWC-PVX16W8. Includes 4 x 2.8mm, 4x 4.0mm, 4x 6.0mm or 4x 8.0mm fixed lens modules installed. 
  2. Custom order: DWC-PVX16W base unit + your selection in any combination of 2.8mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm or 8.0mm fixed lens modules. Mix lens modules to best fit your individual needs. For example, select 1-2.8mm, 2-6.0mm and 1-8.0mm. Base unit and lens modules sold separately. 

Model #


Camera base + 4 x 2.8mm fixed lens modules, installed.
DWC-PVX16W4Camera base + 4 x 4.0mm fixed lens modules, installed. 
Camera base. Lens sold separately. Please refer to the part numbers below.

2.8mm fixed lens module. Must be purchased with DWC-PVX16W camera base.

4.0mm fixed lens module. Must be purchased with DWC-PVX16W camera base.

6.0mm fixed lens module. Must be purchased with DWC-PVX16W camera base.


8.0mm fixed lens module. Must be purchased with DWC-PVX16W camera base.


Ceiling mount bracket for multi-sensor cameras - ivory
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Corner and pole mount bracket - White
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Junction box for wall mounts and dual-sensor IP cameras - white
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Parapet mount - ivory (requires DWC-PZADP, sold separately)
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Tilting adapter for DWC-PZARAM and multi-sensor cameras - ivory
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Wall mount bracket for multi-sensor cameras - ivory
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Pole mount bracket - ivory
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Corner mount bracket - ivory
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Title Type
MEGApix® Flex™ and Pano™ camera and mounting accessories hardware changes
pdf Download
MEGApix Pano solutions brief
pdf Download
DWC-PVX16Wx AE specifications
docx Download
DWC-PVX16W CAD Drawing
dwg Download
DWC-PVX16W user manual
pdf Download
DWC-PVX16W datasheet
pdf Download
DWC-PVX16W quick setup guide
pdf Download
MEGApix Flex Brochure
pdf Download


Title Type Release Notes Version Update Date Compatibility Size
DWC-PVX16W firmware vS2.2.1_20210319 img - vS2.2.1_20210319 04/01/2021 DWC-PVX16W 53.74 MB Download

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