16-Channel HD and legacy analog to IP signal encoder 

  • The most cost-effective path to IP
  • Universal HD over Coax® technology with HD-Analog, HD-TV and all legacy analog signal support
  • Connect your analog cameras to DW Spectrum® IPVMS (ONVIF approved CMS integration coming soon)
  • Convert up to 16 analog cameras to 2.1MP/1080p IP video signals at 240fps
  • Real-time 480fps 2.1MP/1080p, 720p and 960H resolution at local monitoring output
  • Simultaneous streaming
  • Record and playback with DW Spectrum® IPVMS. (Requires licenses per channel to record)
  • DW Spectrum® IPVMS licenses*: DW-SPCP16LSC016 (16 channel), DW-SPCPLSC04LSC004 (4 channel). Licenses sold separately
  • Motion detection
  • Support two-way audio (4 input, 1 output)
  • 1x RS-485 Interface for PTZ control
  • Search and playback from DW Spectrum® IPVMS
  • Frame rate and bandwidth control
  • 4 alarm input, 1 alarm output
  • Event notifications via email with image
  • ONVIF conformant, Profile S
  • DW-EN19RE 19" rack mount ears included

Easiest transition from analog to IP

DW®’s Compressor™ line of encoders is the simplest way to bring existing analog cameras into an upgraded IP installation, utilizing existing cameras to maximize ROI.

Compressor™ HD encoders

DW®’s encoders series supports the transmission of up to 16 HD analog signals into IP signals up to 4K.

ONVIF® Conformant

DW’s ONVIF conformant IP products allow you to bring our robust solutions to any surveillance system with other ONVIF components, creating a truly unique solution, to match your specific needs.

Part Numbers

Model Number


DW Spectrum® IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC001Single DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording License
DW-SPECTRUMLSC004Four (4) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC010Ten (10) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC020Twenty (20) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC050Fifty (50) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC100One Hundred (100) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPCP04LSC004 Four (4) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
Sixteen (16) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
DW Spectrum® I/O Module IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPIOLSC001 Single DW Spectrum® I/O Module IPVMS License
DW Spectrum® Video Wall IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPVWALL1X2 Single DW Spectrum® Video Wall IPVMS License
NOTE: Custom-ordered licenses are available by request.
NOTE: Lifetime upgrades are included with no annual renewal fees.

Purchasing Options

DW Spectrum IPVMS Licensing Options

Model Number


DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPCP04LSC004Four (4) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
Sixteen (16) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
NOTE: Custom-ordered licenses are available by request.
NOTE: Lifetime upgrades are included with no annual renewal fees.


DW-EN19RE (included with DW-ENHD16)
19in rack mount ears
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HD Video Balun Converter
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HD video balun converter
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Title Type
Compressor brochure
pdf Download
DW-ENHD16 AE specifications
doc Download
DW-ENHD16 data sheet
pdf Download
DW-ENHD16 data sheet - French
pdf Download
DW-ENHD16 data sheet - Spanish
pdf Download
DW-ENHD16 quick setup guide
pdf Download
DW-ENHD16 user manual
pdf Download
DW-ENHD16 CAD Drawing
dwg Download


Title Type Release Notes Version Update Date Compatibility Size
DW-ENHD16 firmware v4.03_190822143353 img - v4.03_190822143353 09/03/2019 99.81 MB Download

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