Blackjack Rack 2U 18-bay server with 32GB dual processor, RAID5/6 options 
  • 5 year warranty, next business day on-site hardware service*, keep your hard drive  - *after remote diagnosis
  • Supports all ONVIF conformant IP cameras
  • Storage options 260-360TB raw internal storage
  • Record and manage single- and multi-sensor IP cameras of any resolution up to 600Mbps throughput
  • Hot Swappable HDDs
  • OS RAID 1, Data RAID5, 6 options
  • Redundant power supply
  • 6x 1GB Base-T Ethernet Ports, 2x 10G SFP+ Fiber
  • Windows 10® IoT, Ubuntu® Linux®, Windows Server 2019® OS options on separate SSD
  • Dedicated RAID controller
  • Hosting DW Spectrum® for setup, configuration, monitoring and recording
  • One-time recording license charge, fully transferable between cameras and encoders
  • Two (2) 4-channel licenses included for a total of 8 recording channels (DW-SPECTRUMLSC004).
  • No annual maintenance fees
  • Dual stream recording
  • Rail kit included
  • USB mouse and keyboard included
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Max throughput and IP camera support

This Blackjack® server can record and manage single-sensor and multi-sensor IP cameras of any resolution up to of 600Mbps throughput.

Next business day onsite hardware repair after remote diagnosis

If an issue occurs with your product that cannot be resolved by phone, DW will dispatch a certified technician to attempt repair of your machine at your place of business, usually the next business day.

Keep your drive after replacement to ensure data security

Our Keep Your Drive Warranty delivers users replacement hard drives, without the need to return the defective drives. Users can keep their drives and protect their data and their customer’s privacy.

DW Spectrum® IPVMS

DW Spectrum® IPVMS is an endlessly customizable IP Video Management platform that gives users the ability to create tailored network video solutions for any type of project, from the office or on in the field.

Designed and commissioned in the U.S.A

All DW recorders, workstations and NAS devices are designed, assembled and inspected in our California facility. Each product undergoes multiple levels of quality control to guarantee the highest quality and performance.

Dual network cards

Optimize network bandwidth by utilizing dual network ports, to build a separate network for the surveillance system and keep that traffic off the main network, reserved for the NVR’s communication.

Dual power supply

Redundancy for reliability.

Hot-swappable HDDs

When a drive needs to be replaced, you can easily hot-swap it with a new one, while the system is still running. There is no need to power down and lose important minutes of data to maintain your system’s drives healthy and operating.


CPU Dual Intel® Xeon® Silver processor
Display Modes Unlimited, Customizable, Sequence
Display Speed Up to 30fps per channel
Local Video Output Resolution HD 1080p
Local Video Outputs 3x Mini DisplayPort outputs, Mini Display Port to true HD adapter (included), 1 display output at a time
Memory 32GB
Video Card NVIDIA T400 2GB
Video Compression H.264, H.265
Video Operating System Windows Server® 2022 Standard (DW-BJRR2X260TS, DW-BJRR2X260TS6, DW-BJRR2X280TS, DW-BJRR2X280TS6, DW-BJRR2X300TS, DW-BJRR2X300TS6, DW-BJRR2X320TS, DW-BJRR2X320TS6, DW-BJRR2X340TS, DW-BJRR2X340TS6, DW-BJRR2X360TS, DW-BJRR2X360TS6), Linux® Ubuntu Desktop 20.04.5 LTS OS (DW-BJRR2X208TLX, DW-BJRR2X224TLX, DW-BJRR2X288TLX, DW-BJRR2X240TLX, DW-BJRR2X256TLX, DW-BJRR2X272TLX, DW-BJRR2X260TLX, DW-BJRR2X260TLX6, DW-BJRR2X280TLX, DW-BJRR2X280TLX6, DW-BJRR2X300TLX, DW-BJRR2X300TLX6, DW-BJRR2X320TLX, DW-BJRR2X320TLX6, DW-BJRR2X340TLX, DW-BJRR2X340TLX6, DW-BJRR2X360TLX, DW-BJRR2X360TLX6), Windows Server® 2019 Standard (DW-BJRR2X208TS, DW-BJRR2X224TS, DW-BJRR2X240TS, DW-BJRR2X256TS, DW-BJRR2X272TS, DW-BJRR2X288TS), Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (DW-BJRR2X208T, DW-BJRR2X224T, DW-BJRR2X240T, DW-BJRR2X256T, DW-BJRR2X272T, DW-BJRR2X288T, DW-BJRR2X260T, DW-BJRR2X260T6, DW-BJRR2X280T, DW-BJRR2X280T6, DW-BJRR2X300T, DW-BJRR2X300T6, DW-BJRR2X320T, DW-BJRR2X320T6, DW-BJRR2X340T, DW-BJRR2X340T6, DW-BJRR2X360T, DW-BJRR2X360T6)
OS on SSD 2x 240GB SSD (RAID1 mirrored)
Max throughput (Mbps) 600Mbps
Raw internal storage options 260TB  280TB  300TB  320TB  340TB  360TB  
Max HDD Bay 18x SAS HDDs
Maximum Storage 260TB (220TB, RAID6) (DW-BJRR2X260T6, DW-BJRR2X260TLX6, DW-BJRR2X260TS6), 260TB (240TB, RAID5) (DW-BJRR2X260T, DW-BJRR2X260TLX, DW-BJRR2X260TS), 280TB (240TB, RAID6) (DW-BJRR2X280T6, DW-BJRR2X280TLX6, DW-BJRR2X280TS6), 280TB (260TB, RAID5) (DW-BJRR2X280T, DW-BJRR2X280TLX, DW-BJRR2X280TS), 300TB (260TB, RAID6) (DW-BJRR2X300T6, DW-BJRR2X300TS6), 300TB (280TB, RAID5) (DW-BJRR2X300T, DW-BJRR2X300TLX, DW-BJRR2X300TLX6, DW-BJRR2X300TS), 320TB (280TB, RAID6) (DW-BJRR2X320T6, DW-BJRR2X320TLX6, DW-BJRR2X320TS6), 320TB (300TB, RAID5) (DW-BJRR2X320T, DW-BJRR2X320TLX, DW-BJRR2X320TS), 340TB (300TB, RAID6) (DW-BJRR2X340T6, DW-BJRR2X340TLX6, DW-BJRR2X340TS6), 340TB (320TB, RAID5) (DW-BJRR2X340T, DW-BJRR2X340TLX, DW-BJRR2X340TS), 360TB (320TB, RAID6) (DW-BJRR2X360T6, DW-BJRR2X360TLX6, DW-BJRR2X360TS6), 360TB (340TB, RAID5) (DW-BJRR2X360T, DW-BJRR2X360TLX, DW-BJRR2X360TS), 360TB
Playback Functions Calendar, Event search, Smart motion search, Thumbnail search, Timeline
PTZ control ONVIF
Recording Modes Continuous, Motion + low res always, Motion + Object, Motion + Object + Low res, Motion detection, Object + Low res, Object only
System Operation Graphical user interface (GUI), Remote via DW Spectrum IPVMS, USB mouse (included)
Backup Network backup via DW Spectrum IPVMS
Ethernet Ports 2x 10GB SFP+ Fiber, 6x 1GB Base-T Ethernet Ports, iDRAC9 Enterprise
Pre-loaded VMS software DW Spectrum® IPVMS
Network Remote Software Cross-platform - Windows®, Linux Ubuntu® and Mac®, DW Mobile Plus, DW Spectrum Mobile App
Power Consumption 1000W dual power, A UPS is recommended, Redundant power supply
Accessories Keyboard, Mouse
Included IP licenses 8
Operating Temperature and Humidity 20 ~ 90% RH, 41 ~ 104 °F (5~40 °C)
Rail kit Included
Recorder Dimensions (H X W X D) 17.6" x 31.9" x 3.41" (447.04 x 810.26 x 86.61mm)
Recording Licenses (Optional. Sold Separately) Custom-ordered licenses are available by request.
DW-SPCP04LSC004 - Four (4) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPCP16LSC016 - Sixteen (16) DW Spectrum® Analog Encoder IPVMS Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC001 - Single DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording License
DW-SPECTRUMLSC004 - Four (4) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC010 - Ten (10) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC020 - Twenty (20) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC050 - Fifty (50) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPECTRUMLSC100 - One hundred (100) DW Spectrum® IPVMS Recording Licenses
DW-SPIOLSC001 - Single DW Spectrum® I/O Module IPVMS License
DW-SPVWALL1X2 - Single DW Spectrum® Video Wall IPVMS License
Lifetime upgrades are included with no annual renewal fees.
USB interface Yes
Warranty keep your hard drive, Next business day on-site hardware service (after remote diagnosis)
Weight (barebone, HDD not included) 88.2 lbs (40 kg)
Certification CE  FCC  NDAA Compliance  ONVIF Conformant  TAA Compliance  UL Listed  
Form Factor Rack mount

Part Numbers

Model #*

Open Drive Bays

Available Storage**

DW-BJRR2X260T, DW-BJRR2X260TS, DW-BJRR2X260TLX 20TB drives, 5 open drive bays 240TB, RAID5
DW-BJRR2X280T, DW-BJRR2X280TS, DW-BJRR2X280TLX 20TB drives, 4 open drive bays 260TB, RAID5
DW-BJRR2X300T, DW-BJRR2X300TS, DW-BJRR2X300TLX 20TB drives, 3 open drive bays 280TB, RAID5
DW-BJRR2X320T, DW-BJRR2X320TS, DW-BJRR2X320TLX 20TB drives, 2 open drive bays 300TB, RAID5
DW-BJRR2X340T, DW-BJRR2X340TS, DW-BJRR2X340TLX 20TB drives, 1 open drive bays 320TB, RAID5
DW-BJRR2X360T, DW-BJRR2X360TS, DW-BJRR2X360TLX 20TB drives, no open drive bays 340TB, RAID5
DW-BJRR2X260T6, DW-BJRR2X260TS6, DW-BJRR2X260TLX6 20TB drives, 5 open drive bays 220TB, RAID6
DW-BJRR2X280T6, DW-BJRR2X280TS6, DW-BJRR2X280TLX6 20TB drives, 4 open drive bays 240TB, RAID6
DW-BJRR2X300T6, DW-BJRR2X300TS6, DW-BJRR2X300TLX6 20TB drives, 3 open drive bays 260TB, RAID6
DW-BJRR2X320T6, DW-BJRR2X320TS6, DW-BJRR2X320TLX6 20TB drives, 2 open drive bays 280TB, RAID6
DW-BJRR2X340T6, DW-BJRR2X340TS6, DW-BJRR2X340TLX6 20TB drives, 1 open drive bays 300TB, RAID6
DW-BJRR2X360T6, DW-BJRR2X360TS6, DW-BJRR2X360TLX6 20TB drives, no open drive bays 320TB, RAID6
* LX at the end of the part numbers = Linux OS models. 
* S at the end of the part numbers = Windows Server OS models.

** RAID5 configuration reduces raw storage size by the equivalent of one (1) HDD size.
** RAID6 configuration reduces raw storage size by the equivalent of two (2) HDDs size.

Purchasing Options

DW Spectrum IPVMS Licensing Options

Part Number


Single DW Spectrum IPVMS License, No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
Four (4) DW Spectrum IPVMS Licenses, No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
Ten (10) DW Spectrum IPVMS Licenses, No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
Twenty (20)  DW Spectrum IPVMS Licenses, No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.required.
Fifty (50)  DW Spectrum IPVMS Licenses, No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
One Hundred (100)  DW Spectrum IPVMS Licenses, No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
Single DW Spectrum IPVMS License - allows up to 4-channel or recording when used with DW-ENHD16,  No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
Single DW Spectrum IPVMS License - allows up to 16-channel or recording when used with DW-ENHD16,  No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.
DW-SPIOLSC001 IP I/O Module License - Supported devices IP I/O Modules are automatically discovered and can be used to trigger system events, actions, and alerts.
DW-SPVWALL1X2Single DW Spectrum IPVMS Video Wall License - 1 Operator, 2 Monitors,  No Annual Renewal, No Upgrade Required.

Additional Hardware Options (Available at time of initial order only):

Part Number


32GB Ram Upgrade for Blackjack RACK.
DW-BJRR4NIC Low Profile Quad Port 1GbE RJ45 for Blackjack RACK.
DW-BJRR10GBN Low Profile Dual Port 10Gb SFP+ NIC for Blackjack RACK.
DW-BJRR4HSERV Dell 4HR same day service for DW-BJRR and DW-BJRR2P servers.


Title Type
DW-BJRR2X datasheet - French
pdf Download
DW-BJRR2X datasheet - Spanish
pdf Download
DW-BJRR2X A&E specifications
doc Download
DW-BJRR2X datasheet
pdf Download
Blackjack Brochure
pdf Download
Blackjack Rack support guide
pdf Download
Blackjack Rack quick setup guide
pdf Download
DW-BJRR2X/Y CAD drawing
dwg Download


Title Type Release Notes Version Update Date Compatibility Size
DW Spectrum IPVMS Latest Software Ext. URL v5.1.4.38659 06/03/2024 N/A Open DWCloud™
DW Spectrum IPVMS C•CURE 9000 Plug-in v5.0 zip - 5.0 11/16/2022 DW Spectrum 25.77 MB Download
DW Witness Plugin for Linux v5.0.0.35746 so v5.0.0.35746 10/21/2022 0.21 MB Download
DW Witness Plugin for Windows v5.0.0.35746 dll v5.0.0.35746 10/21/2022 0.09 MB Download

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