License Deactivation Form

Please fill out the following form and click on “Send Now”. We will send inactivated licenses that you can use in the Spectrum IPVMS.
If your license(s) are lost in upgrade, please try to re-enter it now. Click here to learn how to execute an Automatic License Activation. If you are still having license issues, please complete the form below.
If you are having trouble with the form below, please send your license deactivation request to Please include the integrator and end user’s name, email address and phone number. Include the lincese numbers (separated by commas for more than one license), and the old and new hardware ID.
End User*
Email Address*
Phone Number*
License Number's (separate with commas)
For multiple license deactivation requests, upload all the license numbers as an HTML, exported from the old system, or an excel file
Old Hardware ID (click here to locate the Old Hardware ID) *
New Hardware ID (found in manual license activation menu, click here to find New Hardware ID) *
Spectrum (Enterprise Controller) version*
Reason for deactivation*

If reason is server transfer or lost in upgrade, below is required:

If server transfer, is this a merge or a replacement unit?
What is the Hardware ID of the merged EC or the replacement?
If lost in upgrade, was it an OS, Motherboard or memory, or DW Spectrum upgrade?
If DW Spectrum upgrade, was it an upgrade without uninstall or a full uninstall of old and install of new version?
What version was it upgraded to?
If full uninstall, were the licenses re-entered into Spectrum?
What is the error message you received after trying to re-enter the licenses?